for individuals : knowledge↑ + skill↑

Individuals can access the following services:

    • Regularly scheduled executive negotiation programmes at leading business schools around the world

for organisations : risk↓ + performance↑

Filip offers premium negotiation services that enable companies, government departments and NGOs all over the world to achieve better results through more effective negotiation and influence:

    • Training and development of in-house negotiation teams
    • Ongoing coaching of key personnel
    • Strategic support in preparing for, and in conducting negotiations
    • Review and evaluation of past negotiations
    • Evaluation and improvement of clients’ existing in-house negotiation training and procedures
    • Facilitator or keynote speaker for conferences and off-sites

for academic institutions : reputation↑ + profitability↑

Filip has taught negotiation and influence on behalf of institutes, graduate business schools and military academies in 14 countries. These programmes (whether in-person or remote delivery) typically become the highest rated programme at the institution in question. Where Filip has taken over existing negotiation programmes, demand has increased by a factor of 5x, and profitability by a factor of 10x.

Services for academic institutions include design, direction, delivery and/or evaluation of:

    • Public and in-house executive programmes on negotiation and influence
    • Modules on negotiation and influence as part of broader executive programs on Leadership and General Management
    • EMBA/MBA/MoM/MiM subjects on negotiation
    • Masters level subjects on crisis negotiation
    • Occasional negotiation programmes for younger audiences (e.g. summer@INSEAD)

for negotiation service providers : capability↑ + capacity↑

This category includes companies and government departments tasked with providing specialised negotiation support in various forms. Filip has contracted to over a dozen such providers in order to:

    • Extend their capacity and/or geographical reach by delivering services on their behalf
    • Augment their service offering with complementary capability
    • "Train the trainer", i.e. develop their negotiators, consultants and trainers
    • Evaluate and improve the quality of their service offering
    • Design and facilitate training scenarios and simulations