"Everyone in business THINKS they are a good negotiator... However the reality is often quite different. Filip helps to highlight deficiencies in your negotiation methods and can help to improve and strengthen them in a relatively short space of time. Communication skills are what it is all about and Filip is a master in this regard. I have no hesitation in recommending Filip."
David Thomas, CEO at Lifeline Northern Beaches

"Negotiation is one of those topics where you would think little remains to be said. Yet Filip brings insight and ideas that are matched by energy and enthusiasm. He was our top-ranked presenter at the 2013 IACCM Australia conference - tough to achieve with our demanding audience of experienced negotiators."
Tim Cummins, President of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)

"Filip's negotiation training is second to none. As a former Police Officer, I wish the basic negotiation training we were given at the academy took a page out of Filip's work. The concepts Filip taught are easy to apply in real life, are grounded in real world application (not just mere academic theory alone), and actually stick with you throughout life. After having done other work place courses on "negotiation", I've seen many "negotiation consultants" merely teach conflict resolution and not negotiation. The former is a process which results in concessions and generally, only one person walking away happy. Filip teaches you the latter... how to actually create tangible, lasting value, which results in better relationships with people and everyone actually achieving a true 'win-win' outcome."
Kieran Deale, Acting Director - Cyber Security Operations NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

"Filip’s course was the best short course that I have ever taken. He was engaging and made every aspect of the course applicable to real life to ensure that everyone took it all in. He didn’t just focus on the private sector, but also the public sector and politics, teaching me much more than I had hoped to learn. His knowledge far exceeds any other expert on negotiation that I have come across.

For anyone considering doing just one course on negotiation and building relationships, this is definitely the one.

I’ve walked away from Filip’s course with a new and better way of thinking about negotiations." 5 Dec 2019

Jake Keogh, Mayor at Knox City Council

"Filip was both professor/lecturer and then my negotiation coach for the INSEAD Negotiation Dynamics programme. In both roles, his significant impact arose collectively from his deep expertise, creativity, challenge and most of all, his absolute passion for negotiation. I have returned to my role with a very different mindset in terms of the potential for value creation in negotiations and an incredibly practical toolkit to assist me in navigating what can be a very complex environment to operate within." 7 Jul 2016
Sam Apps, Group Procurement Director at George Weston Foods

"Filip helped our organization tremendously in increasing our awareness and ability to negotiate in a more sustainable and value maximizing fashion. His way of tutoring is fun, dynamic, motivating and more importantly it gives the participants a tremendously valuable experience in becoming better negotiators." 20 Apr 2017
Pieter Drost, Global Market Access & Pricing at AbbVie

"The time [spent] with Filip at INSEAD was [of] the absolute highest value to me and probably the best training I received in the past 12 years. Filip’s methods and cases in negotiation as well as his ability to deliver the message and make his points very very clear, have had a direct impact on my ability to lead my teams and negotiate for valuable outcomes for all parties" 30 Sep 2019
Troels Bisgaard Vig, Country Manager Cloud & Software at IBM Denmark

"As part of our Capability program, We asked Filip to facilitate a session on Effective Negotiation for around 100 staff. Feedback from the session was absolutely fantastic - Filip did an excellent job in helping people understand the mechanics and human elements of negotiation - in a way that resonated with the participants. I am looking forward to having Filip work with us in more detailed workshops."
Tanu Chopra, Executive Manager at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

"Genuine thanks for training us in the Developing Effective Negotiation and Influencing Skills training over the last few days. During that time my paradigms have been challenged to shift and I feel that I am returning to work (and home) with a great toolbox to use in many situations. In summary I'd hate to be in a serious negotiation if you were on the other side!" 2 Aug 2016
Jonathan de Puit, National Construction Manager at Hindmarsh

"I had the pleasure of working with Filip when he delivered his course 'Developing Effective Negotiation and Influencing Skills' to members of the Australian Army, Special Operations Command. Filip's course had been integrated into our training continuum in order to develop effective skills in communication and negotiation. The varied work of Special Operations personnel often centres around the effectiveness of their relationships with key stakeholders and their ability to negotiate successful outcomes for all involved. Filip facilitated a course that not only developed these skills, but also provided the steps for their practical application in any situation. The course was engaging and carefully constructed to allow participants to build on their current skills and to develop new insights into negotiation and conflict resolution. The two-day course was relevant to all members, regardless of position or seniority within the organisation, and was widely regarded as a 'must do' course in the continuum." 26 Aug 2020
Learning & Development Manager at Australian Defence Force

"Filip is a fantastic course facilitator. Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and motivated. I enjoyed all aspects of the course and will be recommending this course to all of my peers and friends"
Anonymous at Department of Defence

"His experience gave him a great start[ing] point in terms of integrity, but the content and presentation confirmed the world class teaching."
Anonymous at Department of Defence

"Filip provides a world class level of experience to the instruction and his interpersonal skills made the learning more appetising."
Anonymous at Department of Defence

"Great course. Filip was a charismatic instructor who clearly was a subject matter expert with a wide range of experience. Good use of practical application throughout the course."
Anonymous at Department of Defence

"Filip Hron is one of the very few presenters who have had my full undivided attention for more than one hour. To accomplish this for two days straight certainly says something in itself."
Anonymous at Department of Defence

"Filip was informative, and a master of his craft. I thoroughly enjoyed his course."
Anonymous at Department of Defence

"For as long as I can remember, I have associated negotiations with the idea of aggression and confrontation. It is something I grew up learning from my Vietnamese heritage which is largely informed by Confucian values.

As a kid, I was taught that to disturb the law and order, and defy those who have the authority is to place myself in danger. And in many situations this does hold true. But not always.

In the 21st century, many interactions that present themselves with (or are perceived as) aggression and confrontation are just opportunities to solve problems and collaborate to maximise value for everyone. Big realisation was made this week - I already identify problems, and optimise value in every interaction day-to-day, so why do I shy away from it when it feels confrontational?

Thank you to Filip Hron and the AGSM @ UNSW Business School for hosting an amazing course. I walk away from it excited to continue developing my negotiation skills."

David Ky, Associate Project Manager at Westpac

"In my role, as Swedish Trade Commissioner to Australia & Oceania, I can attest that success in international business is a direct result of our ability to influence, communicate with, and create value for all involved stakeholders. Last year I hired Filip to train myself and my team, and I invited him back this year for more! What I really like about the training are the insights around the complex layers of communication and influence that take place concurrently in any given negotiation. ...and the number of contaminations I was using without realising the negative impact they have on the negotiation process!"
Jonas Lindholm, Swedish Trade Commissioner to Australia & Oceania at Business Sweden

"Have recently completed a Negotiation short course at the UNSW Business School where Filip was our key presenter. Filip was excellent in his delivery and his vast experience really shone through. My only regret is that I wish I had done this 20 years ago. It has certainly changed my perspective when negotiating. We often make assumptions and don't prepare enough when negotiating. I would highly recommend Filip to any organisation who is serious about improving on their negotiation skills."
Eugene Botha, Business Development Manager at Optical Solutions Australia

"Filip is the lead faculty for one of our INSEAD negotiation programmes that was customized for one of our global clients. Filip is highly appreciated by the client and everyone at INSEAD appreciates interacting with Filip as he is very customer focused, a highly skilled trainer and gets strong ratings. The client has asked INSEAD and Filip to deliver the programme in Europe, Asia and the US and the programme's reputation is so strong that it will be delivered again. Thanks Filip for your great support!" 31 Mar 2016
Katrin Surek-Gnago, Director Partner Development at INSEAD

"As a former negotiation professor to Filip, it was a pleasure to see him dedicate so many years and so much effort to the study of negotiation and to his personal development as a negotiator. He became a professional negotiator, who has been getting excellent results in the classroom as well as delivering insightful negotiation assistance to clients. I hired Filip this year to work on negotiation projects to different clients and I will gladly hire him again when the opportunity presents itself. If you are looking for negotiation services in Australia, I suggest you give him a call." 23 Aug 2011
Horacio Falcao, Negotiation Professor at INSEAD

"I was fortunate to sit in on one of Filip's lectures whilst studying for my Executive MBA and was immediately taken with his engaging manner and knowledge on the topic of negotiation. I've since had Filip run sessions at a number of events via our Volkswagen Financial Services Accelerate Academy. He is always highly interactive, entertaining, practical and a preeminent expert in his field, translating the art of negotiation into practical skills and knowledge. His ability to challenge traditional paradigms and encourage his audience to step outside "the box" is both thought provoking and refreshing."
Rhys Henderson, General Manager Business Development at Volkswagen Financial Services

"Filip has done a great job of supporting our team’s negotiation training over number of years."
Will Smales, Head of Private Markets at H.R.L. Morrison & Co

"Filip is one of the world's leading minds in negotiation... Through Filip, I was able to understand many valuable concepts that enabled me to deliver enough value to my counterparts while still getting what I want. His mentorship and work allowed me to better understand the stages of negotiation, communicate more effectively and in a pro-active manner during the process, saving time, energy and ultimately adding value to all the parties. Working with Filip was an extraordinary experience and will serve me well for the rest of my life! Filip's work with me is true testament of his commitment to helping other professionals develop and grow. I give Filip a hearty thanks and my strongest recommendation!"
Ruben Torres, Financial Advisor at UBS

"Filip in conjunction with Steve York ran a one day negotiation course for my team which was a great refresher for some and insightful learning for others. Filip is very skilled at blending the theory of negotiation with real world examples."
Hugh Lander, CEO at Bank of Queensland Finance

"Filip has inspired ACS ICT professional members through his insightful presentation content and charismatic personality to such an extent that we have recalled him on several occasions, including to conduct workshops. Due to his ability to refresh subject matter relevant to our membership, we look forward to reengaging in the future. Highly recommended as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator."
Peter Dunphy, NSW State Manager at Australian Computer Society

"Filip is very knowledgeable and has a practical, applied, approach in teaching and advising on commercial negotiation situations. I am happy to recommend him to others seeking situational negotiation advice or seeking to build up skills within their organisation."
Mikael Lindgren, Partner at Bain & Company

"To limit Filip's impact to negotiation does not do him or his capabilities justice. I attended AGSM's Negotiation Program and unexpectedly gained new perspectives on on persuasion, influence, and decision-making. Filip provides deep insight, challenge and multiple frameworks - delivered with immense credibility and expertise. I gained much more than I anticipated from Filip." 26 Jul 2017
Frank Kennedy, Executive Director, Executive Education at AGSM

"The negotiation course that Filip Hron runs has been the most transformative professional development course I’ve undertaken to date. Filip has a way of distilling his teachings into easy to apply, practical, microframeworks. 1 year on, I’m able to easily draw on the learnings to improve my negotiation outcomes in a myriad of contexts. The simulated negotiation simulations were a real highlight for me - the ability to try and test new behaviours in a no consequences setting really helped me to bed down some of the new behaviours I now bring to the negotiation table." Jan 2021
Ellen Brown, Client Engagement Manager, Executive Education at AGSM

"... definitely one of the best short courses I’ve done so far. Filip is clearly a negotiation expert. As a facilitator, I find him very engaging and inspiring. He has provided clear frame works and also shared many examples with us. Through a series of interactive negotiation scenarios and activities, I have developed confidence and capability to approach all negotiation situations in the future. I would highly recommend Filip to any organisation that is looking for a negotiation expert or trainer."
Jayne Gao, Head of Recruitment & Admissions at AGSM

"The best facilitator I have ever had in a short course. He was fantastic, engaging and I will be recommending him to anyone that is thinking of doing a similar course. The real life examples interwoven with the theory had a very strong impact on what I learnt." Dec 2019
Anonymous AGSM executive education participant

"... one of my big issues is losing concentration when someone is presenting to me (usually after 5 minutes I zone out). However, Filip managed to keep my attention for an entire two days, which I think is quite a feat. So, well done!" Dec 2019
Anonymous AGSM executive education participant

"I usually rate instructors and courses quite highly -- grade inflation!!! I feel like I need a "Super Strongly Agree" -- i.e. an A++. Seriously - this was an amazing course." Oct 2019
Anonymous AGSM executive education participant

"Filip is an amazing teacher. His experiences and example stories he uses are so valuable for explaining challenging and complex issues. He is very good at explaining things, breaking them down and making any issue seem simple." Dec 2020
Anonymous AGSM executive education participant

" Filip's method of teaching with class interaction, exercises, reflection, minimalist slides backed up by theory, countless fascinating stories and examples from his experience as a negotiator was so engaging, you can't help but take it all in and relate it to other parts of your life. I am so much more confident now that I can achieve a good outcome in any negotiation, including all relationships and aspects of my life." Dec 2020
Anonymous AGSM executive education participant

"I was lucky enough to attend Filip’s Management Skills class as my first MBA subject. Six subjects later, I am yet to find someone to match Filip’s outstanding and effective pedagogy. His natural flair for teaching and passion for topics like negotiation made for a stimulating and rewarding experience as a student. My views were shared by many students in the same class who would gladly advocate to see negotiation earn a permanent place in the MBA program with Filip at the helm."
Cristy Hoy, Manager at KPMG

"Filip has a wealth of knowledge on negotiation processes as well as practical insights into identifying and using negotiation tools in both business and everyday life. I would highly recommend Filip's skills to others. The insights I took away from Filip's workshop have been invaluable in both formal and informal negotiations since."
Aaron Dahl, Corporate and Commercial Lawyer at McCullough Robertson

"I can’t resist a life metaphor; if life were a capsule lumbering from earth into deep space on an eternal straight path, we’d all kinda have a decent feel for where we’re heading. Now consider the gentlest of nudges that ever so slightly changes your trajectory. For a beat, your path appears straight and true, but over time the gap between new and old gets wider and wider. And that’s how I reflect upon Filip’s influence. A combination of positive empowerment, great knowledge and leadership has gently nudged me onto a wonderful new path. I am excited, energised and enchanted by the opportunities that Filip has helped me expose through great negotiation."
Mark Oliver, General Manager at Tigerspike Melbourne

"...this course was eye-opening and certainly pushed me to think and act outside my normal behavioural patterns to look and question about how I could better understand my own behaviour in a negotiation environment. It made me understand that to really be successful you have to first know your own interest and values first to then understand someone else's. Negotiations are not just business related, they make up and form part of every day life. This course has helped me on both a business and personal level and has assisted growth and development in both areas. I would highly recommend this course not only for business related opportunities but for internal use for small business to large corporations to assist in creating more efficient and cohesive team work. Thanks Filip, I know I have only just touched on where this can all go." 7 Aug 2015
Melanie Power, Head of Bookkeeping at Xero

"Filip has been a guest lecturer in my MBA class - Negotiation Theory and Practice at Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM). On every occasion Filip’s lectures have been engaging, original, entertaining and highly practical. Filip has a great rapport with MBA students and also high credibility as a graduate of INSEAD. As a practitioner in negotiation he is able to bring current experience of negotiation dynamics into his lectures and illustrate points with strong examples from Australian and international business experience. I look forward to welcoming Filip to my classes in future and in particular to working with him as we explore future institutional connections within the university and practitioner communities in Australia and internationally around the topic of negotiation." 6 Feb 2012
Dr Andrew Heys, MBA Director at MGSM

"Filip led and delivered a key elective on my MoM course in Negotiations for the last three years. Formal student evaluations and feedback was well above the faculty average and informal feedback was always overwhelmingly positive. I think it's fair to say that Filip developed something of a following in the cohort, indicative of his efficacy and popularity. If you seek someone to craft and deliver a unit on Negotiations, I would say you need look no further than Filip!" 12 Nov 2019
Dr Kyle Bruce, Associate Professor and Master of Management Course Director at Macquarie Business School

"This course was so good that I didn't even want to go pee and miss something." June 2019
Anonymous MBA participant at MGSM

"...Filip was what a student expect from a Professor: genuine interest in student learning, experience and theoretical knowledge of the subject, and curiosity to break schemes and aim to be one of the leading minds in his field. It is always inspiring and motivating to meet such a passionate and dedicated person that their contributions to a subject end up becoming a frame of reference even for those who were their mentors someday. His approach to crisis negotiation is realistic, innovative and useful for law-enforcement organisations. I would highly recommend his book Negotiation Evolved and his seminars and courses."
Jose Eduardo Gonzales, Intelligence Officer at National Police of Colombia

"Filip taught negotiation strategy to my Executive MBA students in Organizational Behaviour. I was overwhelmed by the number of emails I received from my students about how they found Filip’s workshop of extremely high quality, refreshingly different and engaging. The class was meant to finish at 9pm, the discussion and reflection that Filip’s lecture inspired meant that we were all still there at 10pm" 14 Oct 2010
Dr Tyrone Pitsis, Dep. Director of Strategy, Organisations & Society; and Chair Academy of Management PTC. Newcastle University.

"Filip has a natural flair for presenting, he engages his audience, challenges their mind sets and always has them asking for more. Furthermore, Filip is a pleasure to work with - highly professional, reliable, trustworthy and passionate in everything he does. He has developed a high reputation in the area of negotiation and in my view has the potential to make a substantial contribution to this field." 29 Apr 2013
Dr Kylie Redfern, Associate Professor at University of Technology Sydney

"Filip is a brilliant presenter on the topic of negotiation. His passion for, and knowledge of, the topic are exceptional and he has the rare capacity to make a presentation on a complex subject both enlightening and entertaining. Our clients - senior managers at a global financial services company - were ecstatic about the value they gained from Filip’s three-hour presentation." 30 Oct 2012
Dr Ken Dovey, Associate Professor at University of Technology Sydney

"I had invited Filip to give a guest lecture in my MBA communication class and was absolutely blown away by the impact he has had on students. Filip has a unique and creative approach to teaching negotiation skills that leaves people sitting at the edge of their seats!" 23 Sep 2012
Dr Helena Heizmann, Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney

"Filip guest talks on negotiation psychology in my postgraduate Buyer Behaviour classes have been much appreciated by students. His expertise on the topic and ability to engage the audience certainly make all the difference in enhancing their learning experience."
Dr Valeria Noguti, Lecturer in Marketing at University of Technology Sydney

"Filip Hron delivers an insight and perspective on negotiation unparalleled by any in his profession in Australia. I have had the pleasure of knowing Filip on both a professional and personal level for a decade. During that time Filip has provided invaluable guidance and direction with some of my and my private clients' most intense and poignant personal and business negotiations. I now choose never to enter into a serious negotiation without first consulting Filip. I would strongly recommend you do the same, unless of course you are negotiating against me!"
Kurt Hegetschweiler, Millionaire Maker and Founder of Builders Coach

"Filip Hron presented the Negotiating and Influencing module for the 2013 AcademyGlobal Emerging Leaders Program. He was exceptionally well received by all participants. Filip has an engaging and personable facilitation style and combines strong personal presence with a deep understanding of negotiation and persuasion. Delighted to commend Filip Hron to you."
Paul Vorbach, Director at Academy Global

"I have benefited from two of Filip's negotiation training sessions, one a two day seminar and the other a morning course for the Young Presidents Organisation, and have also used Filip for negotiation coaching on a personal matter. He takes a holistic perspective and delivers his insights in a memorable, high energy and effective manner. Despite the effectiveness of his training courses I still benefited very much from his face-to-face issue-specific support as well."
Simon Smith, VP Virtual Offices at Servcorp

"Thank you so very much for an amazing lecture last night - I loved it! It was inspiring, engaging, interesting, informative... I love adjectives and could continue with many more. Suffice to say, that I will remember last night's lecture for a very long time, as I know my fellow colleagues will and I hope they too will make the time to thank you as well. Many discussions and debate have already been had and will continue... which is a good thing. Ideally, all EMBA lectures should be that good and it's very encouraging and a privilege to have been a part of yours."
Emma McLeod, Founder & Director of Stillbirth Foundation

"I can’t recommend Filip highly enough. He is a highly skilled negotiator and has added tremendous value with regards to my negotiation skills. Filip provides both the theoretical framework as well as practical advice on how to negotiate more effectively in any business context."
Wolfgang Kick, Principal Consultant at Derwent Executive

"I have engaged Filip for advice in my management roles at two separate firms. He has immersed himself passionately in the science and art of Negotiation, allowing him to readily grasp the concepts at the heart of the negotiating challenges we tackled, and to suggest creative, tailored and practical processes and ideas to address them. As a result, we have not taken value from our business partners, but have worked with them to create greater value for our business relationships."
Marcus Wilson, Director at Surgical Partners

"Filip brought a very unique set of skills to our business. Utilizing simple, results-driven tools he created solutions for our negotiation strategies that exceeded the 'win-win' approach and generated alternatives neither the team nor our clients ever imagined."
Rodrigo Londono Salcedo, Sero Australia

"Filip has researched the universe of negotiation skills and techniques that could be available and he knows what will or won't work in practice. I’ve had the good fortune of Filip training me on how to improve my ability to influence situations and people to produce mutually beneficial, and even maximised, outcomes, faster and that are more durable. I've had my eyes opened and now hear more valuable information. Filip is a great person to work with and you can feel safe knowing that your company will be better off financially and time-wise by working with Filip and his firm."
Michael Cradock, Private Equity Investor at Glenrock Capital Fund

"Filip organized for me a one day session for MBA students visiting UTS from a French business school. The feedback was excellent, several students indicating that it was the best course they have had."
Dr Emmanuel Josserand, Professor at University of Geneva

"Filip ran a 60 minute introduction to negotiation for 35 (exceedingly busy) entrepreneurs and he went down so well that he actually had them request he keep talking for another 30 minutes, through the lunch break as well! Such was the interest, I eventually had to break up the session or I think he'd still be there, answering questions and offering insights!"
Ian Davidson, Director at FlyResearch

"The NSW Clinical Excellence Commission has engaged the services of Filip Hron to teach negotiating skills to the participants in the Executive Clinical Leadership Program which was established in 2007. Through Filips energetic and engaging teaching style he is able to help our participants to better understand the power of influencing and persuading to optimise their effectiveness as clinical leaders. Filips workshop assists these emerging leaders to improve their capacity to influence outcomes, persuade people, manage conflict and negotiate agreements that are sustainable. His workshops are one of the highest ranking in the program"
Wendy Jamieson, Senior Manager Quality Improvement Academy at NSW Clinical Excellence Commission

"...this was, and probably will be for a long time, the best formalised learning experience I have ever had. Filip enabled me to see the potential I have as a negotiator by broadening my horizons and showing me the tools I could use. Not only did Filip change the way I conduct negotiations, he changed the way I think of negotiations. I am motivated to study negotiations further, ideally with Filip."
Yasir Khalid, National Sales Director at ezyCollect

"Filip's negotiation course was a stand-out - challenging and motivating. His deep expertise in negotiation combined with his ability to educate and engage his audience meant his course offered that unique 'something extra'. Long after the course has finished I continue to engage with, reflect upon and use our material, in situations ranging from complex negotiations to the day to day. Ongoing added value."
Tracey Steggall

"Filip has trained clients in negotiation under the ENS umbrella with excellent evaluations. His commitment to the field of negotiation is unparalleled, and his passion for the subject is nothing less than contagious. I also thoroughly enjoy our ongoing discussions on negotiation theory and practice." 9 Jul 2010
Michael F., CEO at ENS

"I could easily say the short course I recently undertook at UNSW in Developing Effective Negotiation & Influencing Skills, taught by Filip was the most engaging 2 days I have spent in a class room to date. Content, delivery and level of engagement throughout was impressive."
Ruth Rughoobur, Development Manager at Cbus Property