The Comprehensive Negotiator Continuum is a thoroughly comprehensive, highly practical, and properly interactive program on negotiation - delivered entirely via Zoom. Modules are scheduled regularly and in multiple timezones to maximise accessibility for, and diversity of, participants.

Everyone can benefit form the initial CORE module. CORE does not mean basic or simple. Rather it is the carefully crafted foundation on which the ADVANCED, SPECIAL and CRISIS modules are built.

Fun fact: The CORE module replaced MBA, EMBA and executive negotiation courses at four graduate business schools during the pandemic.

"Where is the glossy marketing flyer?" There isn't one. Past participants are much better at articulating the value they derive from the program. So please speak with them directly, or read what they say here.

Module 1: CORE Negotiation Concepts

Module 2: ADVANCED Negotiation Concepts

Module 3: SPECIAL Negotiation Concepts

Module 4: CRISIS Negotiation Concepts