The Comprehensive Negotiator Continuum is a thoroughly comprehensive, highly practical, and properly interactive program on negotiation - delivered entirely via Zoom.

The continuum takes you through the CORE fundamentals that academics and negotiation trainers tend to misunderstand, and then on to ADVANCED , SPECIAL , and CRISIS negotiation concepts.

The modular format means you can select whether to attend one, some, or all modules. Each module consists of 4 x 3.5h sessions for easy scheduling. Modules are scheduled regularly and in multiple timezones to maximise accessibility for, and diversity of, participants.

Participants who have attended prior training with Filip (whether in-person or virtual) have multiple flexible entry points into the continuum.

Module 1: CORE Negotiation Concepts

Module 2: ADVANCED Negotiation Concepts

Module 3: SPECIAL Negotiation Concepts

Module 4: CRISIS Negotiation Concepts